domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2008

A Formative Relationship of Give and Take

The Couples for Christ (CFC) was first initiated by 16 couples in Manila, Philippines in June 1981. After twenty-four years, the CFC was granted recognition by the Holy See (Vatican). CFC came to Portugal through the instrumentality of an SVD priest in Lisbon in October 13, 2001. While Sr. Remedios Socorro Aunzo, SSpS, a Filipina sister, was here to learn the Portuguese language, she was the one who accompanied the group in their spiritual formation. She has since left for East Timor. The group asked for another sister to take her place. I was given the assignment to journey with them. Every first Sunday of the month we have a spiritual formation session. Included in their Christian Life program is regular confession. I have asked an SVD priest to be their confessor. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist is also central to their formation. Hence, every first Sunday, they sing the Mass songs in English and every third Sunday, they sing Portuguese Mass songs. This helps them a bit with their language difficulty. Sundays are always celebrated together, sharing food, faith and life stories. They also reach out to others, especially the poor by raising funds to provide shelter for the less fortunate and for scholarships for poor children.
Their life and mission reveal to me their faith in Jesus, ever present in their life. I learn many things from them. Their witnessing to their faith challenges me to grow deeper in my own spiritual life and mission as an SSpS.
(Portugal, 2006, by Ir Maria Mendes , SSpS)

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