quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

What Are You Looking For? (John 1:38)

Jesus asks this question of the two disciples of John who are following Him. He also addresses His question to us today.What are we looking for? Are we seeking answers to our worries and troubles? Are we looking for a fresh challenge? Are we seeking rest? Are we looking for help with our futures, our families, our jobs? No matter what we are looking for, Jesus is our answer.

His response to the disciples' question is also His response to ours: "Come and see." Come and see Who Jesus really is. Come and see where He is staying - it may be closer than you think. Come and see what Jesus is all about. Come spend time with Him and you will begin to see, really see. Whatever your heart is yearning for, you will find it - in Jesus.

O Lord, I am looking for answers.

You know what my mind and heart are seeking.

Help me to realize that You are the answer to my questions;

You are the object of my desires.

Help me to answer Your invitation to come and see, here and now.


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