sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

My own Salm of 2010

Lord, second by second the new year aproches our door steps. The 2010 goes and the year 2011 immediately steps in. The year that will come to pass leaver behind beautiful memories for me to treasure.

Lord, old these memories reveal to me your blessingns and your love through out my journey this year. Before i say good bye to the year name and give thanks for all theses blessings that I experience through this congregation, through the sisters of this Region as well as my own Regiaon, through my community, Sr. Maria José, Sr. Quintinha João Dinis, Sr. Marta Nunes and through my family in East Timor, through all the people I encounter in this year´s journey.
They strenghten my vocation to fallow your Son Jesus Christ.

Lord, I entrust all of them into your loving hands, so that you will lead us all into the year of 2011.

May you journey with us every step of the way, revealing to us your Holy will, ang susteining us with your blessings for the challenges ahead. May our lives continue to proclaim your Love and Mercy to all...Amen.
Odivelas, Portugal 31-12-2010 (By Sr. Mendes, SSpS)

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